NCIS - Season 9


The cases of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service's Washington DC Major Case Response Team, led by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
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S9E24 - Til Death Do Us P..

The ninth season concludes with terrorism shaking the foundations of..

S9E23 - Up in Smoke

The NCIS team search for a terrorist who is targeting the Navy after..

S9E22 - Playing With Fire

An explosion on a Navy ship is investigated, and security is elevate..

S9E21 - Rekindled

The NCIS team investigates a warehouse fire with the Baltimore PD af..

S9E20 - The Missionary Po..

Tony and Ziva search for a missing soldier and a Navy chaplain after..

S9E19 - The Good Son

Director Vance's brother-in-law is the chief suspect in the murder o..

S9E18 - The Tell

Someone on the inside leaks classified information, and Gibbs partne..

S9E17 - Need to Know

A chief petty officer is murdered. The investigation reveals that hi..

S9E16 - Psych Out

A high-level-security Navy reservist is found dead and the investiga..

S9E15 - Secrets

DiNozzo is forced to work closely with his ex-fianc?e when a Navy ca..

S9E14 - Life Before His E..

Gibbs questions choices he has made when he stares down the barrel o..

S9E13 - A Desperate Man

A navy lieutenant is murdered, and the team investigates while being..

S9E12 - Housekeeping

The investigation into the murder of a Navy Commander leads the NCIS..

S9E11 - Newborn King

The team tries to find and protect a pregnant marine on Christmas Ev..

S9E10 - Sins of the Father

Tony's dad's a murder suspect when he's found in a car with a body a..

S9E9 - Engaged - Part 2

The search for a missing Marine officer who vanished after a bombing..

S9E8 - Engaged - Part 1

Part 1 of 2. The crash of a plane carrying the caskets of deceased s..

S9E7 - Devil's Triangle

Gibbs and Fornell team up when their mutual ex-wife calls to say tha..

S9E6 - Thirst

A Navy lieutenant is murdered by forced overhydration; and Gibbs mee..

S9E5 - Safe Harbor

A murder investigation of a Coast Guard officer leads to a Lebanese ..

S9E4 - Enemy on the Hill

The team tries to learn why a decorated naval officer is being targe..

S9E3 - The Penelope Papers

The line between McGee's personal and professional life is blurred w..

S9E2 - Restless

The NCIS team uncovers a startling surprise after a young Marine sho..

S9E1 - Nature of the Beast

After spending months tracking down his target, Tony is left with th..