NCIS - Season 5


The cases of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service's Washington DC Major Case Response Team, led by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
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S5E18 & 19 - Judgement Da..

Grave consequences result from the team's hunt for a killer....

S5E17 - About Face

Jimmy Palmer becomes the target of a mysterious killer who only he c..

S5E16 - Recoil

While on an undercover mission, Ziva's life is put in grave danger w..

S5E15 - In the Zone

Two members of the NCIS team are sent to Baghdad to investigate a Mo..

S5E14 - Internal Affairs

The dead body of La Grenouille finally surfaces and the entire NCIS ..

S5E13 - Dog Tags

When the NCIS team investigates a fatal dog mauling, Abby puts her c..

S5E12 - Stakeout

The NCIS team goes on a stakeout in a warehouse to catch a suspected..

S5E11 - Tribes

A Muslim marine is killed and Ducky has a moral dilemma. Does he do ..

S5E10 - Corporal Punishment

The NCIS team pays a heavy price when they try to track down a Marin..

S5E9 - Lost and Found

The NCIS team has to babysit a 9-year-old son of a missing man, a su..

S5E8 - Designated Target

A murder investigation of a Rear Admiral takes a shocking turn when ..

S5E7 - Requiem

Gibbs finds himself emotionally challenged when he agrees to investi..

S5E6 - Chimera

While investigating a mysterious death on a top-secret naval researc..

S5E5 - Leap of Faith

The NCIS team is called in to stop a naval officer from committing s..

S5E4 - Identity Crisis

When Ducky realizes that one of his cadavers used for research is ac..

S5E3 - Ex-File

We spend most of the episode thinking that this is about Gibbs, his ..

S5E2 - Family

During an autopsy, Ducky makes a startling discovery that turns a mu..

S5E1 - Bury Your Dead

The NCIS team uncovers a huge secret, as their mission to capture La..