NCIS - Season 4


The cases of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service's Washington DC Major Case Response Team, led by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
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S4E24 - Angel of Death

When Jenny returns from her European trip, the entire NCIS team will..

S4E23 - Trojan Horse

When Jenny has to attend an overseas conference, Gibbs is made actin..

S4E22 - In the Dark

When a blind photographer shoots the body of a Petty Officer on film..

S4E21 - Brothers in Arms

Director Shepard makes a huge mistake by meeting a man alone to info..

S4E20 - Cover Story

McGee is under high pressure during the murder investigation of a Pe..

S4E19 - Grace Period

When a weekend call to the NCIS tip line from an unknown source abou..

S4E18 - Iceman

When a supposedly frozen to death Marine turns out alive on Ducky's ..

S4E17 - Skeletons

When an explosion at a military cemetery mausoleum reveals a crypt f..

S4E16 - Dead Man Walking

When a Navy Lieutenant becomes the victim of radiation poisoning, th..

S4E15 - Friends and Lovers

When a dead body of a sailor is found in an abandoned part of the to..

S4E14 - Blowback

After catching an international arms dealer, the NCIS team learns th..

S4E13 - Sharif Returns

When the NCIS team learns that the missing 10 kilograms of highly to..

S4E12 - Suspicion

When a high-level Marine intelligence officer is found murdered in a..

S4E11 - Driven

When a robotic vehicle named "Otto," a part of a high level project ..

S4E10 - Smoked

When a burnt and mummified body of a missing and wanted person is fo..

S4E9 - Twisted Sister

McGee breaks the rules, risking his NCIS job, to help his sister Sar..

S4E8 - Once a Hero

When an honored Marine veteran is found dead in a hotel, the NCIS te..

S4E7 - Sandblast

When a Marine Colonel dies in an explosion at a military golf course..

S4E6 - Witch Hunt

It's Halloween and the NCIS team is busy investigating a ransom case..

S4E5 - Dead and unburied

When a missing Lance Corporal is found dead in a vacant house, the N..

S4E4 - Faking It

After police pull over a driver and arrest him for a concealed weapo..

S4E3 - Singled Out

An abandoned car is found full of blood, registered to a missing Nav..

S4E2 - Escaped

Gibbs is forced to come back out of his retirement to help Fornell, ..

S4E1 - Shalom

When Ziva accidentally witnesses a political assassination, she must..