NCIS - Season 12


The cases of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service's Washington DC Major Case Response Team, led by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
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S12E23 - The Lost Boys

An international terrorist group -- that recruits children -- buys b..

S12E22 - Troll

A Navy ensign from the Office of Naval Intelligence is murdered.

S12E21 - Lost in Translat..

The team finds a link between a murder and a terror group holding a ..

S12E20 - No Good Deed

DiNozzo partners up with his girlfriend, Special Agent Zoé Keates, ..

S12E19 - Patience

A petty officer's murder produces a lead in a 40-year-old airport bo..

S12E18 - Status Update

McGee reunites with his girlfriend Delilah to investigate the death ..

S12E17 - The Artful Dodger

Evidence in a murder case reveals that a rare painting has been swap..

S12E16 - Blast From the P..

A murder victim turns out to have been living under an alias created..

S12E15 - Cabin Fever

The team suspects Gibbs' archenemy when an explosion rocks a summit ..

S12E14 - Cadence

A Marine and alumnus of the military academy DiNozzo attended is fou..

S12E13 - We BuildWe Fight

An openly gay Navy lieutenant set to receive the Medal of Honor is m..

S12E12 - The Enemy Within

The NCIS team searches for a home-grown terrorist after a rescue mis..

S12E11 - Check

The NCIS team investigate a series of crime scenes that appear to be..

S12E10 - House Rules

The team consults with three imprisoned cyberterrorists when the cit..

S12E9 - House Rules

DiNozzo, Bishop and her husband investigate a case involving an elev..

S12E8 - House Rules

The team investigates after a Petty Officer is killed in a hit and r..

S12E7 - The Searchers

The team uncovers a fraudulent charity targeting those looking for m..

S12E6 - Parental Guidance..

The team examines multiple motives when a therapist married to a Nav..

S12E5 - The San Dominick

A deceased man is spotted overboard during a Coast Guard and NCIS tr..

S12E4 - Choke Hold

A research scientist is murdered and the primary suspect is wanted b..

S12E3 - So It Goes

A case has a connection to one of Ducky's former friends; Ducky and ..

S12E2 - Kill the Messenger

The team investigates when a lieutenant is murdered on his way to me..

S12E1 - 20 Clicks

Gibbs and McGee's mission to Russia to escort a computer engineer ho..