NCIS - Season 10


The cases of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service's Washington DC Major Case Response Team, led by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
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S10E24 - Damned If You Do

As the international hunt for Eli David's killer continues, question..

S10E23 - Double Blind

An investigator (Colin Hanks) from the Department of Defense scrutin..

S10E22 - Revenge

In retaliation for the murders of Eli David and Jackie Vance, the NC..

S10E21 - Berlin

As the team investigates a Mossad officer's murder in Virginia, Tony..

S10E20 - Chasing Ghosts

A Navy reservist asks the team for help when she realizes her husban..

S10E19 - Squall

The team go aboard a Navy ship to investigate a murder and are shock..

S10E18 - Seek

The wife of a marine, who specialized in K-9 bomb detection, urges t..

S10E17 - Prime Suspect

A media frenzy surrounding an unidentified criminal prompts Gibbs' b..

S10E16 - Detour

Ducky and Jimmy disappear while transporting a body from a crime sce..

S10E15 - Hereafter

While on leave as he mourns the loss of his wife, Director Vance unc..

S10E14 - Canary

The NCIS team tracks an infamous hacker, who may hold the key to bri..

S10E13 - Hit and Run

A car accident involving a marine is investigated, and the probe cau..

S10E12 - Shiva

After an event that hits close to home, the team unites to find answ..

S10E11 - Shabbat Shalom

While the NCIS team investigates the link to a dead journalist and a..

S10E10 - You Better Watch..

Tony can't decide if he will be naughty or nice when his father visi..

S10E9 - Devil's Trifecta

Gibbs teams up with FBI agent T.C. Fornell on a joint investigation ..

S10E8 - Gone

The NCIS team investigates a teenage girl's abduction while Ziva and..

S10E7 - Shell Shock - Pt2

Conclusion. Gibbs searches for a terrorist, with the help of a Marin..

S10E6 - Shell Shock - Pt1

Part 1 of 2. A Navy lieutenant who recently returned home from the M..

S10E5 - The Namesake

A petty officer is gunned down in a billionaire's car, and the inves..

S10E4 - Lost at Sea

The team investigates a helicopter crash at sea and tries to find th..

S10E3 - Phoenix

While on medical leave, Ducky personally orders the exhumation of a ..

S10E2 - Recovery

The team investigates when the body of a missing NCIS facilities man..

S10E1 - Extreme Prejudice

The 10th season begins with an emotionally damaged NCIS team searchi..